The 7 Step Formula Every Beginners &
Intermidiary Can Use
 to Become a
Professional Cake Baker in 2 Weeks

If you are a beginner who is striving to grow in cake business, and you really want to scale your way up to become a professional must take your time to read this letter from beginning to the end.  This is because after you are exposed to the information inside, you will not only know some hidden things that could help you grow in baking business, you will also be exposed to how you can take advantage of these 7Step formula to become a professional baker who will be making serious money from cake business without stress. 

I started baking since 2007 when most cake equipment are not so available in Nigeria. This time, Cake baking was a tough business because you have to struggle to get every recipes and equipment.

Getting someone who is even good to train you in the business was another headache at this time as you may need to go miles away from your location to get a 'professional bakers' who could teach you the basics of cake making.

In the world of cake, training and upgrading is one of the most important things that cannot be overemphasized.  This is because two things determine your success and failure in the business, the number one is who you learn from and number two; how you consistently upgrade yourself.

Fast forward to some years after, I started baking and saw myself as a professional in my area. Until 2011 when everything in the cake world was upgraded. Cake became an ART which can be used to interpret and express words even without speaking them out. This time, without anyone telling me a 'jack' I knew I had to upgrade myself.

Since this time, I attended several baking conferences, tutorials, seminars and even the so-called whatsapp online classes, all with no result. I discover that these training was hard to implement because the world of cake making is now more complex as we now have varieties of creative cakes.

In order to implement most of these training easily, I needed something I could use as a guideline while I am baking in the kitchen. I went on rampage searching and spent a lot on more training from the 'top bakers' in the industry.

Within 2010 to 2013, I spent a lot of money, time and effort... because I was hunting for knowledge and every research, training and professionals seminars I had been only exposed me to a certain 7 Step Formula Most Professional Bakers Use to Get their way Up.  This 7step Formula is hidden to most beginners bakers... After I am exposed to this formula, I started implementing the strategy in my business. And today, I can no longer calculate how much I have made in the cake business.

Most professional bakers always keep these 7 Step Formula from beginners this is because they are aware that Knowing the formula alone will automatically turn every beginner into a professional baker.

If you are a beginner, before paying thousands of Naira for any training, If you want to scale your way up in cake baking, these 7 Secrets Formula are very important for you.

This is because when you are exposed to them, you become close to being a 'professional' and you will never see yourself as a learner again...and the truth is, all these will happen within 2weeks you started applying the hidden formulas to your business.

But first, It is important that you know what these  7 step formula are and how you can Start using them.


Ruth Quazeem
Millionaire Baker


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