SIMPLE Ways to Register Your Business in Nigeria, Get Your Certificate in 3 Days Without Leaving your Location...

NOTE: Do NOT Pay Any Agent for Business Registration Untill You Read This...


From: Quazeem Amuda

Voni Multimedia Ltd, Lagos Nigeria.


Dear Friend,

Maybe you have any kind of business in Nigeria, or you are thinking of starting one someday, OR Maybe you have an entreprenurship blood flowing through your vain, then, I will advise that you take your time to digest every words on this page frm beginning to the end.


This is because by the time you are through reading this content, you would have improved your knowledge on how to keep yourself away from legal labilities and how you can make your business or idea more official, uthentic and have access to funds or generate more loan opportunities which will end up making you a successful business person.

But before I continue, let me tell you a little about myself incase this is your first time coming accross my web content.

I am Quazeem Amuda, a Nigerian business consultant and marketing expert.

I started my first business (a publishing company) far back in 2008.

Well, as at that time, just like any one else, I did not see the necessity in making my business a legal entity.

But as time went bye, my business keeps getting bigger and bigger, infact, far beyond my expectation, we began to get jobs from other states and even outside the country.

At this spot, my business needs other means of founds.

I needed loan from any genuine source to complete a contract of about 5.5Million Naira ( all I had with me then was just 2million Naira).

No one was ready to borrow me N3.5 Million Naira to add to my current balance in order to execute the contract...until I have to turned to a bank.

And Then, This Happened...

I discovered that my business was nowhere to be found amoung the list of businesses in Nigeria.

This was funny, but the truth is that, an unregistered business is just as good as an idea that has not been brought to the reality.

I was told that my business was not recognized because it does not have a government approval...So my business cannot have access to loan by any company, we cannot register a bank account, and it cannot even be recognized as a business anywhere in the Nigeria.

And that was how I lost the 5.5 Million Naira

At this stage, it was done to me, I now know why it is a must to have a business registered, infact, I regreted not registering my business as soon as I started.


I went through hell, considering the distance of my based location to the office of the Corperate Affairs Commission, (C.A.C) which is the business registration body of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Let's put aside the huge amount of money I spent, the time longer months ( it took 3 months to finally get my certificate)  Not to talk of the stress.

Why did I have to go through all these...?


Incase You Don't Know,

Here are Top Reasons Why You MUST Get
Your Business Registered in Nigeria Today...

If you are thinking of starting a business or you have started your business already, I will advice that you do not waste any more time in registering your business because...


One of the major advantage of registring your business before starting or immediately while starting is that, you will be able to retain your business name for life.

You see, when your business grows to an extent, your name would have become your identity so much that many people will not call you your individual name again, but your business name, and by that time, changing your business name may just be equivalent to starting the struggle afresh.

It may result to wastege in many years already spent in the business and Lost of many customers.



When you register your business, your business becomes legal and backed by the law.

It becomes a corperate entity which is different from you... the business starts attending to it liability  and trials by itself ( as a legal entity) which saves you from other legal problems.  


3.            CREDIBILITY

You see, when you register your business, you've added more seriousness and authenticity to it.

This makes you feel more responsible and work harder to establish your brand.  And then, you will now be taken serious by business partners and other firms out there.

Majority of Big firms will feel very reluctant to deal with you if your busines is not registered.



As a registered business, you will have access to contracts either from government agencies or other private firms, this becomes easier for you.



It is not a news that if your business is not registered in Nigeria, you cannot have a corperate account in your business name.

And this is one of the important factor your business needs because it make people feel more relaxed and feel secured when dealing with your business, aside from many other benefits attached to it.


As a registered business, you'll have access to loans from different Financial Institutions ( Banks) Not only this, you'll become recognized by the Federal Government of Nigeria as a Business owner which allows you to have access  to Federal Loan and other business entitlements.


These are just some of the advantages of having your business registered, aside the list of advantages stated above, there other numerous advantages, but if we should continue listing them, this page will be full stating the advantages alone... 


Years ago, when people  want to register their business, it was such a diffiult thing, most importantly if you are not a legal person.

It takes so much procedures and documentation.

So, In order to get it done without them doing too much wahala, they prefer to..

Hire a Lawyer


But today, everything is Different.

As a business owner, you can now make a business registration without too much stress, As a matter of fact, you can now DO IT YOURSELF  from the comfort of your home and get your Certificate in JUST 3 DAYS.


But, The Problem Here is...

For you to register your business with the new system, the amount you will end up spending depends on some factors like...

  • How many times your Application is Queried on the C.A.C platform.
  • You must have a Full Knowledge on How to Navigate the New C.A.C Regitration Platform
  • Making sure that no error or mistake is made during the process ( Correction of error is X3 more expensive compaires to the Registration Fee)


The Truth is...

  •    You may spend Just N15,000
  •    You may Spend N30,000
  •    And you may End Up Spending as much as N45,000 during the process, it depends.


So, in order to avert all tries and errors so that you can register your business once without problems and get your certificate of incorporation faster.

I have provided a guideline to take you through the process Step-by-Step and show you what to do at every stage.



The ShortCut Guideline to C.A.C Business Registration.

( A Video Guide that Walks You through How to Register Your Business in 1 Hour and Get Your Certificate in 3Days.)

For the past 3 years, I have used the new method of Business Registration to get more than 80 Nigerian businesses registered in the country without any rejection, site query error or delay.

Today, these businesses are doing great and they now have access to all the benefits I explained above.

And one thing you need to know is that... It all happened within 3Days.

I'll show you tesimonies from the owners of these businesses as you continue on this page.

In the "Ultimate Business Registration Guide" ,
You'll Be Exposed to...

The Name Reservation Trick:

In this Video, You'll be walked through

1.   Public Search, Account Registration and Name Reservation.

How to Search to Know If anyone is Not Using Your Business Name, How to Twick Your Business Name for Approval and How to Bye-pass C.A.C Business Name Rejection


In this Video, You will be taken through the Step-by-Step process on HOW TO SPEND JUST N10,500 to Register Your Business. 

-  How to Choose the best Category for your business.

  • The 3 things to Upload to Finalize your Registration and How to Upload them to the Nearrest C.A.C Office to you



But That's Not All...


I have also created a Step-by-Step, Well explanatory (with screenshot)  Book on how to Navigate through the Corperate Affairs Commission (C.A.C)'s New platform and get your business registered from start to finish all in 1 hour, and get your certificate within 3 Days.

So, Who is "Ultimate Business Registration Guide" For?

  • If you own a Small or Medum Business in Nigeria, and your business is yet to be registered, then, this Guide is for you
  • If you own a Church, this guideline is made for you.
  • If you own an NGO, you need this guideline
  • If you intend to start a Business Soon, you need this.
  • If you own an Hotel, a Bar, a Club or any kind of company, you need this guideline.
  • If you are an Entreprenuer-to-be, you have an idea in your head, which you want to turn to a business someday, then you need this guide.
  • If you will like to open a bank account for your business, this guide is for you.
  • If you want to activate your business access to loan, this guide is for you.

Infact, If you own any kind of business or you intend to start one, then, this Business Registration Guide will help you greatly.


"Ultimate Business Registration Guide" Has Helped Many Business Owners within the 36 States of Nigeria to Register their Businesses On their Own without Going through Any Agent while they Get their Certificate within 3 Days.

I have the Priviledge of Getting Your Business Registration Guide Some days ago and within the First Day I got it, I Simply Go through the Steps one-after-the-other, I was able to reserve my business name, register my business and in Less than 1 week, I already have my business certificate with me.

It's like magic.

You are doing a great Job, Please dont stop.

Philum Gass, Port-Harcourt

When I came across your page, It was an irrestible offer for me. Because first, I needed my business to be registered despite all I have lost to those lawyer agents.

Secondly, I needed the Internet Marketing Guide to attract more sales to my business and I also need the guideline on how to register a Bank account for my business.

All these I was able to achieve On my own with your guide and bonuses, without any interference.

Infact you have saved me a whole lot.

Thanks for Giving this Opportunity.

Owan Farms Limited, Kaduna, Nigeria

Your Guide is Awesome.
Just the Bonus section alone is worth more than the Price you Dashed everything out.

I have lost so much to business registration agents just because I want to legalise my business so that we can have a corperate bank account and reserve the business name from people registering it.

But through your Guideline Videos and directives, I was able to do the business registration myself, reserve my name and get my certificate within thesame week.

Something I have been trying for over 6months and have lost more than N80,000 in the process to scammers.

Thanks for taking your time to make this.

Bibi’s Cottage Catering, Lagos, Nigeria

How Much?

 The truth is that, If I am to go by how much stress this Business Registration Guideline will save you, Or the time and effort that has been put in gathering the Video Guide and book, It may be costing you something like N10,000

But, trust me, I am here to releave you of Business registration issues, not to add to the issue at hand.

So, I will not go by any of that because I have created this Guideline with my Church make things easy for Nigerian Entrepreneus.


The Original price for this Business Registration Guide is N6,500.

But I will be offering a 65% Early Bird Launching Discount.

Which means if you get the Business Registration Guide within this period, you will have access to everything, the Guideline (Book) and the Live Video Guide for a super cheap price.

That's Not Yet All...

If you Grab the Business Registration Guide today, I will also be adding the following bonuses for you which will be delivered to your email alongside with your Business Registration Guide Package Immediately after you make payment...

Internet Marketing Bible
( A Powerful Guide on How to Launch Your Business on the Internet)

If you ever dreamed of  marketing your business to a vast audience using the Internet Medium? 
Or maybe you do a kind of business alot of people are interested in but you are experiencing low pertronage, the internet is your saviour platform.

Recently, most business owners ( and even buyers) are migrating from the old ways of Marketing and selling. Most people are now taking advantage of the internet platform to sell their product to make more money.

This is exactly what the Internet Marketing Bible will be helping you do...It will show you the Simple steps to launch your business on Facebook, Instagram, twitter and others to attract more Sales and customers.

The Internet Marketing Bible is Sold for  - N5,000

The Surefire Guide To Getting A Business Loan In Nigeria 
( How to Get a Loan for Your Business in 24hours, No Collateral, No Peper work))

In this guide, you will be exposed to the a Step-by-Step Method of getting a Business Loan which you can either use to start a new business or upgrade your existing business.

Not only that, you will also be exposed to 20 Sure Loan Platforms where you can get up to 4 Million Naira Loan in Nigeria.

This Guide is Sold for  - N4,000


If you have always want to open a new Business Bank Account for your Business, there are certain procedures to follow in order to make it easy and fast.

In the Enterprenur's Guide to Opening A Business Bank Account Book, I have stated all the procedures according to different banks in Nigeria.

This guide will make opening your bank account so easy and Faster within 48 hours.

The Guide is Sold for  - N2,000

However, you are getting everything as a FREE Bonus if you get the Business Registration Guideline Package before the Current Promo Expires.

So, Here are Everything You are Getting If you take Action within the Time Freame of this Discount

How Much Is Everything?

Normal Price- N10,000

EARLY BIRD Limited Time Discount:  

3,950 Naira

(You Saved N7,001 off the original price)




As cheap as N3,950

But that's if you grab the opportunity within the next 3days,

if you don't, then you will have to pay the normal worth above ( It's no longer my fault).

Here is How to Pay


You can pay online, all you need is your ATM card (Visa, Mastercard and Verve) and you will be able to pay through Paystack, the CBN Approved Online payment processing company in Nigeria.

Simply CLICK HERE OR Click on the Button on this page and you will be taken to a Paystack Secure page where you can buy through your ATM CARD.

This method can be used anytime, even at MIDNIGHT.

If your card details are correct and you have enough money in your bank account, you will be charged same amount and after the payment, you will be redirected to the Download Page where you can INSTANTLY Get the Guide. A copy will also be sent to your Emai

Option 2 - Pay with Bank

This method can also be used at anytime even at midnight...

You can Pay through Mobile Transfer, Cash Deposit, ATM Transfer, Internet Banking, Paga, Quick Teller or any other means of Fund Transfer.


Account Name - VONI MULTI-MEDIA (Current)
Account Number - 0775272918 

NOTE: After the payment, SMS the following to 08022826561 

- Ultimate Business Reg. Guide Pack
- Your Account Name (or Depositor's Name If you use Cash Deposit)
- Your email address

 Once your payment is verified by my marketing company, you will get a message immediately, this message will include the link to the page where you can download the Guide while a copy will also be sent to your email so that you can redownload anytime you want.





The business registration Agents out there Charges not les than N35,000  to N50,000 to register the smallest business, without thinking of the come today, come tomorrow problem...They waste people's time while some may even take your money and run. 

Infact, most of them takes  about 2 to 3 months to finalize a business registration, that's if you by chance meet a genuine one.


So, what do you think you can gain if you can actually avoid the Stresssave yourself about N25,000 or avoid the risk of loosing your total money while you achieve everything yourself in just  3days. 

That means with just  N3,000   for this Business Registration Guide and loads of other things that will benefit your business, you will have your money seved to your pocket while you also save yourself alot of time and stress.


If you Click Below, you will find details on how to make payment.


Here's what I mean by that.

Buy Ultimate Business Registration Guide, Videos package. and Get all the other bonus free.

Go ahead and Go through it, Follow the Guideline in the LIVE Video to Register Your Business within the next 30days.

If anytime, within this 30 days, what I showed you in the videos or inside the book did not help you register your business succesfully, you can ask for your money you paid for this package back and I will give it all back to you, IN FULL!

No questions asked.

I am willing to take all the risk away from you and put it on me. Go ahead and buy. You're 100% protected.

It's in your hands now.

From this point onwards, you have only three choices facing you.

 Either you continue your business the way it was before, leave it unregistered which may make it prompt to any legal harasement, Name issues and many other disadvantages.

Or You go ahead and pay those Business Registration agents out there N35,000 to N45,000 which may later be taken away,  Or if you are lucky to meet a genuine one (which may not be certain), you may later take 3 months to finally get it done.

Option 3 is to get the Ultimate Business Registration Guide for just a token and get series of other packages that will move your business forward while you still register your business with CAC for Just N10,500 and get your certificate within 3days...No stress.

Simply click the below Button to Order your copy and enjoy all other bonuses

Having Any Question?

You can always reach out to my Support
Team at VONI Multimedia on +2348022826561 (sms/call)

Wishing you Success in your Business and in Life.

Quazeem Amuda


What Type of Device can I Use to Access the Package?

You can access this Video Guide with any Smartphone (Android, Windows or IOS)
You can also access it with any computer.

It Does not matter your phone type... As long as the phone can access Facebook, it will be able to Access the Video Guide. Simple!


Can I Pay on a Weekend or Public Holiday?

Yes!...   You can always Pay with your ATM or Bank Account Number through Paystack (Click HERE)

or You can also Pay Via Transfer Options (Mobile, ATM Transfer, Paga, Quicktellet e.t.c)...My Marketing Company are Always available Even during public holiday including  every Saturday and Sunday.

You can always reach them through Text Message on 08022826561.


If I Order Now, How Do I Get it?

1.  If you pay Online through Paystack Using your ATM Card or Bank Account Number, Once your payment is successful, you will immediately be redirected to the Download Page where you will get the Guide and all the Bonuses mentioned Above and all the copies will also be sent to your email so that you can keep downloading.

2.  If you Pay through  Bank Transfer, Cash Deposit, ATM Transfer or any other Means, after your payment is successful, Text the Following:: Ultimate Nigerian Business Registration Guide, Your Name and Email to our Marketing Team on 08022826561. 

Once your payment is verified, you will be sent the link to the Video Guide and all the Bonuses while copies will also be sent to your email so that you can keep downloading.


What Happens If I Order After the Current Discount Offer?

Once the Current Discount offer expires,
1. The Ultimate Nigerian Business Registration Guide will go back to the Original Price ( which mean you will now be paying X3 of the current price for it)

2. All the above stated Bonuses will no longer be available for free, except you are ready to get them for their various prices.

So, why paying more for less, when you can actually get it now and have other packages alongside without paying any extra charges... 


I know some people are not used to buying things online... Some People are also scared because of the siatation of the counrty.

But, Let me reasure you that this Package is 101% Real and we deliver immediately once your payment is verified.

So, I guarantee you 1001% that You have nothing to worry about.

Once your payment is being verified, your package will be sent across to you and you'll get all the packages on your email.


HERE ARE RECENT FEEDBACK FROM PEOPLE WHO GOT THEIR PACKAGE DELIVERED... (people's emails are covered for privacy reason)

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