May 13, 2021

Does Music Make You Smarter?

The world as we know it has existed for thousands of years and one of the things that has existed almost as long as the existence of life itself is sound. Almost everything around us makes a sound. Rain drops, animals, leaves, thunder and we humans.  When sounds come together they could either make one of two things; noise or music. The difference between these two results of a combination of sounds is that the former is irritating to the ears while the later is pleasant. The complexity in the use of these sounds is what makes music.

Across different races, nations, varying cultures, diverse religion, gender and age; music is one thing that has a place in the heart of every human alive. Some people believe that there are some elements of spirituality and energy in music and that explains why it affects us humans in diverse ways. Philosophers have attempted to understand the mysteries behind the existence and influence of music on people, but none could come up with good enough logic to explain this phenomenon.

Music has proven true to be medicine to the human mind in so many ways. Studies have shown that music is able to relieve stress, improve concentration, alleviate depression and cure other mental health conditions, improve cooperation among people, and cause sexual arousal. This could be due to the genre, tempo or lyrics of the music you listen to and your life experiences at the time you listen to the music.

However, there is no doubt that there exists a very positive relationship between music and language. One similarity between language and music is universality.  Just like culture, music and language have a place is every corner of the planet earth. Without language, communication would be almost non-existent, and the human race would develop at the slowest pace imaginable.

Also, music and language make use of sounds. Only that language requires vocal sounds and music can be made with just about any sound from any source. How we hear music and language is determined by change in air pressure waves which is transformed by the brain into action potentials that are then converted into a structured hierarchy of sequences according to principles of syntax.

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