May 13, 2021

FINALLY REVEALED: The Most Effective Chinese Natural Method That Cures ANY Infertility Issue…(No Chemical, No Surgery)

If you are currently battling with any Infertility issue…Calm down!

Because you are not alone.

I know you may be thinking what do I mean by the above statement, I didn’t just say it. I said it because Infertility is a common Problem Most Married Couple face in Nigeria.

Base on the current statistics, Nigeria has one of the highest infertility rates in Africa.

As the matter of Fact, One out of Every 3 Married couples you see in Nigeria is battling with either Primary infertility or Secondary Infertility … Let me show you a proof before we continue.

The screenshot above is from Telegraph Newspaper’s 2018 Interview of the President of Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics of Nigeria (SOGON) In simple terms, they are the umbrella body of Gynecologists in Nigeria. In the interview, the President reveal their statistical Percentage of Infertility Issues in Nigerian homes.

This tells us that 50% to 60% of the total couples in Nigeria suffer from infertility,  the fact is that most are suffering from infertility silently.

They are suffering silently because they don’t want to discuss the issue that concerns their home with a third-party for privacy and other personal reasons.


A lot of people in Nigeria have a wrong perception that infertility happens as a result of many abortions in the past but the case is quite different as there are many factors that can cause infertility in a woman which I will be listing below;

  • Toxin in Food that we eat and from the Environment
  • Some of the Cream we Use
  • Woman’s Weight
  • Excess use of Contraceptives in the Past
  • Fibroid development Due to Age or other reason
  • Clamydia Infections

…And maybe unprofessional Abortion in the past (which is the lowest cause)

You see why many women who have never gotten pregnant while they were single talkless of aborting may also be affected with infertility?   It simply goes down to the kind of environment we find ourself (Nigeria),  The kind of food we eat (of course, we have no option) and some other things.

For years, a general solution has not been found to the issue of Infertility in Nigeria.   Even as a Natural Fertility Therapist, UNTIL THIS  SOLUTION I AM ABOUT TO  MENTION ARRIVED IN 2013, we only cure different infertility issues one-after-the-other which may be very slow and take longer. This is the reason why some women who have more than one issue may finally spend 2 to 3 years to get a total cure for their infertility problems.  Thank God this slow system is now a thing of the past. We do not need to cure Infertility issues one-by-one anymore because this Newly Discovered  CHINESE NATURAL METHOD Now Cures every Infertility Related issue within 60days and it’s even what anyone can do.

Chinese People Rarely have Issue of Infertility

It’s not a news that China has the highest population in the world. Their population is much to the extent that the Chinese government has to give the Birth Planning policy of 1 child per couple in 2016.  This is because Chinese people rarely record the infertility issue due to the kind of food they eat and their environment. But anytime they have an infertility issue, they have a very effective Natural Method to tackle it in a special way.

Apart from this, they have a way of tackling infertility issues generally which is far beyond the Nigeria way of taking them one-after-another.

Before the Chinese Birth Planning Policy was passed, Chinese women use to have as much as 8 children per person, Just like the olden days’ Nigerian women.  This is because these people have a good system that works with Naturality.  Till today, the Chinese people still prefer practising the Natural way of Tackling most sickness than normal technology medical system and this makes them more stronger and healthy than us.

A Woman Can Actually Get Pregnant In 60Days Using this Method

As a Natural Fertility Therapist; for years, Just Like I said above, we’ve been tackling infertility in the Normal Nigerian way which comes with a slower result.

It is slow because (for Example)  If a woman has Ovarian Cyst and Endometriosis. We have to first treat Ovarian Cyst, before attending to Endometriosis.      Now Imagine a woman with more complicated issues, maybe 4 different infertility related issues, how long will the treatment of such woman take.

This is why it takes as much as 2 to three years for some people to get total cure of infertility issues.  Until Some Nigerian Natural Fertility Therapist are exposed to this Chinese Natural Fertility Method in 2013, which has been in use in China for years.

After the method was recommended by a Chinese residential friend in 2013, it was used to solve a critical fertility issue in the same year, the result was like magic.  Since this time, over 157 women across Nigeria have benefited from this same Chinese Natural system, some of them are now mothers, carrying their child.

The method is used to treat the following infertility related issues in women

Hormonal Imbalance
Block Fallopian Tube
Irregular Menstruation
Poor Egg Health
Uterine Fibroid or Ovarian Cyst
Uterine Scarring
Sperm Leakage

And other fertility issues…

It also prepares your Man’s body system for fertility by reforming every single particle, chemical and Toxins in the body;

Let me explain.

Some of the things you eat are horribly toxic….the drugs you take (chemical), the junk food you eat, and even the normal meals you take have some dirt that enter your body and turn into a big problem.

But then, after eating, you hit the toilet to pass out these waste. And by right they are supposed to be passed out, Right?

But here is the really scary thing.

Some of them are actually left behind!

Imagine these toxins, these dirty slimy  wastes, these powerful chemicals piling up inside your body from when you were a baby up till now…..

This Natural Chinese System will flush them out all.

To some women who have tried the method, It’s like a magic.   Maybe because they don’t believe they can easily find a solution to the problem that has been bothering them for years just by performing some simple activities.

The Good thing is that It is a Do-it-Yourself method which starts yielding result in just 60days.

The issue of Infertility has sent many women away from their marital home, it has scattered many “happy home” and turned some people’s partner to their enemy dues to the woman’s inability to find a solution.

Getting pregnant for any woman is not actually difficult if the right system is been abducted…You Don’t need to spend everything you have on some fake drugs and supplements.   There are 4 Different Activities you can perform daily for the next 30 days to solve any kind of Infertility problems without buying drugs or wasting money on supplements.

But first, you need to know what these 3 activities are and how to use them effectively.

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Coach Amuda
Natural Fertility Therapist















































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