The Little Known Online Business that Fetched Me From N500k to N1.8m in 30days Working From my Dining Table, Selling Solution to Despirate Problems on the Internet


If you Give me Some Minutes, I will teach you how to Turn the Internet to Your ATM Machine by Selling Solution to Desperate Problems Online.

  From: Quazeem Amuda

  7 Figure Internet Business Guru,

  C.E.O, Voni Multimedia

  Lagos, Nigeria.


Dear Friend,

The information inside this letter you are reading right now has the potential to change your destiny.

And this is not hype because it has changed the destinies of men and women who
came in contact with this same information in the past.

Men and women who you will meet as you read through this letter.

You will also read about a special gift for you...the gift which some people have used to add at least N200,000 to N3500,000 to their income on a monthly basis.

So if you are really serious about changing your Financial destiny, if you are highly motivated to do the work to lift yourself from grass to grace.

Then you will Find this letter inspiring and very important because you will learn all the steps you need to take to Make Your First Million From the Internet


But Before I continue, Let Me Ask You...

Have you ever taken time to seat down and ask yourself why some people remain in the 'poverty' status despite the fact that they work very hard? 

And why some other people keep swimming in money even when they work so little?

Either you have ever ask yourself this question or not, this writeup will provide an answer to the reason why people are poor...

WHAT YOU SHOULD DO IS... to be patient and read through.   I mean you should take your time to read from beginning to the end.

According to United Nations

The recent report shows that Nigeria is currently the poorest country in the world, with over 86.9 million people living in "Extreme Poverty".

United Nations described this as Extreme Poverty because these people are living below 1 Dollar (365 Naira) per day.

But in as much as there are Poverty, Hunger and many Lack in the Land, some people are still able to Afford a good life, have their children in the best school, get anything they need as at when they need it and even travel to the best location for a vacation.

So, Why Do Poor People Always Remain Poor?


Sometimes, it's not all about hustling, we might just need to give our brain some task like how 1+1 become 11 to some people while the equation keeps giving  2 to Others.

Reasearch Has Proven That... only a small percentage of people in poverty manage to get their way up.

And this is because only a little percentage is able to figure out the problem and become uncomfortable with their financial status.

Poverty is just a status which can be changed. But before solutions, let's identify the problem.

According to research, Many people born into poverty also struggle to get out of it without a result because of the following reasons...

Some people have been going round Poverty because they do not have access to some information that can change their Financial Status.

What I mean by information here could be a hint from a friend or colleague, a video, Financial tutorial or mentorship or an online Financial Content like this one.

If you ask some people here, they've had different opportunities to become rich, but they have a DECISION PROBLEM.  They don't want to risk anything, they believe every information that has to do with money is fake and never works.

LET ME TELL YOU THIS; The best anyone can do ( Even a best friend) is it to share knowledge with you on how they achieved a particular level and position, No One Can Force you to take action.

Mahatma Gandhi said; "A man is but the product of his thoughts, What he Think, he becomes"
This is actually one of my favourite quotes. To some people, it is always 'NA LIE'.

Poor people are the most negative people, this has really made it difficult for them to grow from their poor financial status.  Sometimes, Poor people have access to more financial information like this, Information that would have turned their life around but to make effective use of them becomes a serious problem.

Currently, you may be living above 1 dollar per day, or even above 10 Dollar per day, this means you are not in extreme poverty, which is Good.

But are you okay with your current financial situation?

If your answer to the above question is NO, then you need to sit back and take your time to go through the remaining content of this page.


I Was Once There...

Let me quickly tell you a little about myself.

My Name is Quazeem Amuda.

I am a Journalist by Formal Education, But Ended up a  7 Figure Internet Business Guru.

I Started Online business in February 2013 and for the past 3 years now, I have been consistently making 7 figure monthly from online business.

But You see,
Things was Not Always Like This For Me


Some years ago, I was just a normal guy on the street who was looking for a better life having lost his father before the age of 10.

I had to survive with petty jobs after school to be able to pay my Secondary School fee as a young child.

After secondary school, I began to look for a way to make life... I was ready to settle for any legal job regardless of how dirty it could be.

Just by every means possible, I was ready to make life because... 

- I needed to Help my mother ( A widow with little children)

- I had my sisters to send to school and I also have dreams to fulfil.

As time goes by, I kept on searching for something better until one faithful Thursday, when I ran into a goldmine on the Internet.

It was a training on how to make a legal Income and Improve life using the power of the Internet.

As at the time I found this opportunity, Believe me, or not, we were living on less than N300 daily, which simply means we could not even afford N10,000 as a monthly income.

Let me be frank with you, we were living in extreme poverty.

We lived in a house of 6 rooms by the left and 6 other by the right ( what is popularly referred to as (Face-me-I-Face-you).

A house of twelve tenants with 2 'public' toilets.

But, Thanks to God and to This Little Known
Business Model I am About to Share with You...
Today, Life is Different


Since I started Online Business, I gained
my Financial Freedom and I am able to...

  • Go wherever I want, When I want to.
  • Able to Work anywhere I am at any time.
  • I am Able to Afford anything I want.
  • I now Spend more quality time with Family and Friends.
  • And I Enjoy Vacations to my favourite Places whenever I decide to have a rest.

That is how Powerful this Little Known Business Model can be.

With this Business Model, you can create an online business that will fetch you from N500k to N1m monthly. ( I am not exagirating )

I Know this sounds like an ordinary talk, but I am not just saying it...

I have used it and it has worked for me over and over again.

And as you continue with me on this page, I will show you some case study that will blow your mind off.


Some years ago, even as I was searching for a better life, I used to hear of some top internet entrepreneurs like...

Bamidele Onibalusi

Uche Pedro

Seun Osewa

And many more Nigerians who are making over N2m to N5m monthly on the Internet.

As at that time, 1 Million Naira was a big amount of money to me which I did not believe anyone can achieve on a monthly basis.

Fastwords to some years later, when I was able to cross the bridge of N1m per month, I found out that this amount is atually little compares to what some people are Earning on the internet monthly.

Although, at start, you may not be able to make up to N1m per month,

but after everything I will be showing you on this page, you will be able to make at least N350k to N450k per month... That is what I am sure of

And one of the greatest advantage of this busines model is that, you do not need alot of capital to put it to work.

With as little as $55 or N25,500, you are good to go.

Infact, these are not the only advantage of the business , There are more Like...

  • It does not need you to be a Computer Guru
  • It does not require that you Register a business to get started
  • The Business is Full of Unimaginable Profit
  • It Can Be done from Anywhere Even from your Room

So, What is this Business
and How Does it Work?

I know you can't wait to know what kind of business I am talking about.

It is an Internet Business that is Based on Selling Information Products.

As at 2013, I stumbled on a Piece of Information that helped me to kick start my journey to Online Business. Although before this time, I know for sure that there are money on the Internet but how to get this money was a very serious problem to me.

Before that time, I have been trying my hands in Online Businesses.

I have tried blogging, frelancing, Adword and many other business without any of them bringing in 1 kobo to my pocket.

Thank God for this Pieces... 

It exposed me to the fact that all money are made online by Someone Selling Something to People.

And I found out that all I needed to do was to:


(1)  Discover People's Despirate Problem


(2)  Create a Product to Solve this Problem


(3) Sell the Product to people who have the problem


As at that time, I knew how people could make a Business website within 1 to 2 hours without hiring a webdeveloper.

And that time, this was a very hot information that many people who own a  business want to know.

So I packaged this information in form of a Report ( you can also call it an ebook) with step by step screenshort and it was ready for sale.

All it took me to create the Short Report was a borrowed Laptop, Microsoft Office Word, Google and about 45 Minutes.

And some money to advertise it on Facebook to the targeted people who needs it.

In February 5 2013, Something Happened!


I Made My First Sale Online

I was in the Cyber Cafe closed to my house ( where I use when the borrowed laptop is not available)  when someone just called me and bought the short report.

Although the price was just N2,500 but I can tell you that this was the happiest day of my life.


Before the end of that month, I had already sold 50 copies of the short report.

Making N125,000 ( 2500 x 50) in my First Month as a Complete Newbie

And since then, I have never looked back.

By the end of that year 2013, I made over 1 Million naira selling short report on the Internet.

And this was the beginning of my journey to success.

Just recently, I still used this Business model to create a little revenue of over N1.8m within 30days.

Let me show you a proof below

What you can see above is Screenshot proof of the Online product Campaign that I ran for 30days and at the end of the days was able to generate over N1.8m in revenue.

And below, I have made a 2minute Short Video LIVE PROOF of the evidence of the income from this campaign and others that has brought serious income for me too.

Since I Began hitting it hard in this Business, I had also train a number of people who have put if to use and used it to upgrade their Financial Status in a better way.


Meet Uche Ogbonna, a former teacher in Lagos who have graduated since 2010 and went into private teaching after years of searching for a job.

When I meet him, I showed him how to build a business that works itself using the internet and make cool cash with this business model.

And today, he is an online business guru too making a reasonable amount of income monthly.

Then Meet Mrs Ann Nze, A regular banker in Lagos who was working for UBA some years back.

She resumes work as early as 7 am and close from 8 pm to 10 pm daily and even work sometimes on Saturdays.

I met her 2 years ago and I showed her how to be successful in online business.

Today, she is successfully making a good income on a monthly basis.

In fact, sometimes ago, she told me she now makes the amount her banking job pays her in one year within a single month.

And then, here is Ademola, I met him when he just finished his NYSC programme and was searching for a greener pasture.

Immediately I showed him how the online business Model works, he torned his CV and decided never to apply for any job again.

I loved his courage!

I worked him through Step-by-Step formula to use this business and today, he is a changed person.

A successful Internetpreneur.

Right now, he is building his own online business empire.

And many other people who has used this business to turn their life around and escape from poverty.

This business has delivered many people from the slavery
of 9am to 6pm job and make them to be financial
and time free business owners. 

And another good thing is that...doing this business, you feel some sorth of hapiness inside you for being the source of solution to many people's problem.

So, the people you are seeing above are not only rich now, they have solved many people's problem with what i thought them.

And this is why this business can never die.

It is not some kind of business that work today and disapear tomorrow... It is a business you can use to make life, build a family, make yourself a anti-poverty and even build another business from.

And the good thing is is so simple to do, all you need is 3 step...

STEP 1:   Pick a Profitable Area (Education, Family, Health...e.t.c)

STEP 2: Find a problem people are having in that Area

STEP 3:  Create a Product that find solution to that problem.

Then you Sell the Product to the People who are Having
this Problem through the Use of Social Media

This business is so easy that anyone can make serious income through it.

Here is An Example...

Let’s say you have an Information on how to get a USA visa approved and give birth in USA for Pregnant women.

You know a lot of people are interested in this so that their children can carry USA Passport.

Also many people have tried applying with plenty of rejection, while some has spent alot of money with all these traveling agent without any serious result.

You can write a short report or do a training on this, teaching them how to achieve it without getting rejected and without paying thousands of money to any Agent... For Sure, Most of them will be Glad to buy.

It does not only applicable in Traveling, It is useful in many areas like...



Dating and Relationships



...and many other areas you can think of

It sounds easy right?

Trust me, it didn't just sound easy, it is actually easy to do.

But, just like any other business, sometimes, if you don't have anyone to show you the right path to follow, you may just need to pass through many tries and errors with alot of time wastage before getting your way to success.

 When I Started, It took me over 1 and Half year to get things right.

And this is because I didn’t have someone to hold me by hand and show me the right steps to take.

I went through different Trials and Errors, Infact, I was almost at the point of giving up before I was able to crack the code.

In a simple term, in order to be successful in this business, YOU NEED A COACH. Someone who have use this business to build life and who have also trained as many people as possible to success.


From a coach, you will be exposed to...

  • How to Identify which product is HOT and Fail-Proof
  • Formulas for creating HOT and Irresistible product that people will queue up online and beg to buy from you
  • The Quick and Easy System to get your product up and running in 24hours or less
  • How to Sell your Products Online by putting it only in front of people who have the problem you are selling a solution to.
  • How to Replicate this system to make more and more money selling solution to different problems at a time.

Today, I offer to be your Coach

 I want to hold you by hand and show you the exact system that has been working for me and some of the beneficiaries for years.

The system that many people have used as a ladder to climb their way out of poverty to become a better person in life.

I want to help you build a profitable, Fail-proof and Poverty-proof internet business so that within the next months, you will become a better person and start driving cold cash into your account.

I want to help you to be financialy and timely independent by starting your own Internet business which you can do from anywhere and that is why I have created a FULL COACHING PROGRAMME,

A all-in-one Internet Business Training that will teach you everything you need to know about online business and how you can start making 6 to 7 figure online working from anywhere you are.

This training is one of its kind...


 Info2Wealth Automated Masterclass (IAM)

The goal of this programme is to take you from being a beginner to a Pro who can boast of N100k, N200k, N350k or even N500k from Internet Business monthly

Since the past three months, I have dedicated my time and effort to creating the best internet business training where you get to look over my shoulder as I personally take you through the Step-by-Step process to create a better income-generating business that has been working for me and many others on the internet.

In this training, I boiled down everything I know and all I have been putting into practice that has been working for me in this business over the past 5years. 

This simply means you are getting all my years of experience, professionalism, success formulas in a compiled 5 Module Video training.

It is a 5 Module training where I have shown everything that is working for me and I also give a snick peek into my own business to show you how I run my own online business daily so that 

You don't need to do any stress... Just watch me and follow what I do and Follow 

LIVE Watch-and-Follow Video Training

Imagine spending some weeks with me to teach you on what I am doing that is working for me and how I am doing it? This is what it is like when you begin this coaching programme with me. I will be there to show you everything I know that has been giving me success in this business for the past years and how you too can do thesame.


Live Step-by-Step Practical on My Computer

Not only that I will be showing you what works and how you can do it. I will also be opening everything on my computer give a demonstration on how to to do them easily.

So If you like, you can be watching the video and be practising along with me.


Access to Every Tools I Use in this Online Business

So that you will continue making a lead in this business, I will be handing over the personal tools that I use in this business to be successful. This means you won't be having any stop over... all you need is to practice.


This Coaching pogramme is Everything you need to Succeed online.

At the release of this 5 Module Training programme for people early this year,
positive responses were coming in from time to time.

 When I got to know about Info2wealth, many questions run through my mind like…Will it worth paying for? Will I be able to Do it? I am a “Stay at home” mother and I needed something doing. So I took off every excuse and Opted for the programme.

To my greatest surprise, I find the training so simple that anyone can do it.

Within two months,  I made a good amount that I used in investing in one of my dreamed business ( Selling baby products) while my online business still continues… Currently, in my Baby product business, the Info2wealth strategy is helping me because I advertise my product online in a unique way to an interested audience only,  which fast-forward my sales.

The Info2wealth programme is recommended for anyone either you want to start making money online or you need a better way to promote your existing business.

Thanks so much, Mr Quazeem Amuda.

Mrs Ann Nze
Internet Business owner and C.E.O Babyblue

 I got to know about the Info2wealth programme through one of your email.

I decided to take action and try my luck. Before then, I had invested in many Make money programme that failed.

Amazingly, after subscribing into the Info2wealth programme, I only took my time with the training and I followed the instruction since the training is self-explanatory and easy for anyone to use.

Right now, I am making more money than some civil servant. Just last month, I was able to make N205,000.

I Also make money by making a website for business owners after I went through Your  Bonus Training on how to Make a Website in 1Hour. 

I charge up to N40,000 per website.

Your Training is best recommended for anyone even without prior knowledge. The Bonuses, Delivery system and Customer Care is a serious Value which I have not gotten from any training before.

Uche Ogbonna
Online Business Guru and Owner, SellwithUche


Feedback From Dotun

NOTE: I did not have his permission to use his Image

Feedback From Ademola

 So, How Much Do You Think
this Training should Cost? 

Or Let me Say How Much Do you think this Training is Worth?

 But before you say anything, Let me call your attention to something...

In Nigeria of today, there are many people out there who are graduates in various discipline without a job.

Apart from the fact that these people spent many years before they could finally graduate,

can you guess how much they had spent to get the degree certificate?

What of those professional courses that people pay as much as N200k to N300k to enrol for, and none of them ever show how to make consistent folow of income, live a better life or how you can become the kind of person you want in life within a certain time.

If you could pay so much money for a degree certificate that takes your time for years without teaching you how to live the kind of life you want.

Then, paying for a training like this that will upgrade you within some weeks should not be a problem


Some of the People who have Benefited from This

Training Says The Training Worth More Than N50,000

 But don't worry, you won’t be paying close to that.

You won’t even be paying half of it.

Although, I know many training which are not as valuable as this are being sold for N100,000.

But, to make things convinient for you, I won't go by the worth!

And As Bonus to The Info2waelth Training, You'll Also be Getting the Following Crazy Offer If you Act Fast And Order Today Before This Promo Ends...


Special Bonus 1:

Access to my Social Media Advertising Training titled: Socialtizing 

This Social Media advertising course will teach you how to sell any product using Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms.

It will also expose you to some strategy to use while setting up your Facebook and Instagram Advert that makes you pay cheaper and get X5 of normal Return on Investment.

One of the major factor to get maximum profit with the Info2wealth system and any business at all is ability to run Facebook and Instagram Advert effectively.

And that is what SOCIALTIZING will be teaching you


VALUE 15,000

Special Bonus 2:


 Access to my Video Training:
Shortcut to Making a Website in 1 Hour

 This is a Video Training that reveals the Easy Shortcut to make any Business Website in less than 1Hour even If you don't have a knowledge of computer. 

This Video training has saved many people from paying the Expensive Fees that Web Design Guys charges to make a business website. 

After this training, you will be able to make your own website and If you like, you can also start making a website for business owners Charging from N35k to N45k… Many of my students are making a HELL of MONEY from this.

VALUE 12,000

Special Bonus 3:


 Access to the Webpage Builder Software I Use to Create a Page Like This to Sell My Products + Over 100 Ready Made Templates of the pages you need to sell Online + Including A Tutorial Video on How to Use All These...

 While Starting an Online Business, one of the greatest challenges people face is how to create Webpages.

 When I started an online business, I thought I needed to hire a web developer each time I need to create any of these pages.

But I came across something cool. It's a software that can create any of these pages within 30minutes...  Just Drag any Content (Image, Text, Video...e.t.c) and Drop it where you want it to be.

The software Things so easy that even a 15year old child can do it.

So, I will be giving you this software, I will be giving you over 100 Readymade of any of this pages, And I will even be teaching you how to use the software and how to edit the web pages in A Special Video Tutorial.

With the help of this tutorial Video, all you need to do is to watch and follow the steps to create any webpages under 30minutes.

VALUE 87,000


(One Hundred and
Fourteen Thousand Naira)

That means if you calculate the Value of the above bonuses alone, it worth N114,000.

But wait...That's not even all

 Get 12 Month Access to My Internet Millionaires Private Facebook Community

 This is essential for your growth. Because through this platform, you are going to have access to myself and some other people who are already successful in this business who will be helping you whenever you have any challenge.

 Not having access to this kind of community made things cost me almost 3 years to get it right.

And many people are going through this too… which is why I made the platform.

So, on this Platform, you will be having me hold you by hand, support you for the next 12months...or Until you are also successful in Internet Business.

VALUE 15,000


Ready to transform your life?

Get the Info2wealth Training Programme now

Regular Fee:  45,500 Naira

But for a limited time, I will be giving 20 people access to get the training for
75% Discount LUNCHING Price.
Which Means  These 20 People will Only Be Paying 25% of the total Price

14,950 Naira

The LUNCHING PRICE expires...

Having any Issue with Ordering, Call or SMS: 


Like I have Said Before...

 The Info2wealth Training programme is meant to librate you out of money worry and turn you to a freedom Internetpreneur who can work anywhere he likes and make more money than anyone you know who is currently doing 9am to 5pm job.

 This programme has worked for many people in the past.

And yours is not going to be an exception.

If you are serious,  It only take 12 days to set up this business and start generating good income.

If you are a busy type, this system should be up and running within 2 weeks after going through this training.

Incase you are doubting yourself if you will be able to practice this, let me quickly show you a case study... 


How Jude Made N179,000 in First 5 Weeks


 Jude is a polytechnic dropout from Abia, he does not have good knowledge of computer or internet.

According to him, apart from Facebook, he doesn’t do any other thing on the internet.

But within his first 5 weeks, after he Registered for Info2wealth Programme, he got N157,000 in pure profit… Here is his feedback.

 If someone like Jude, who is a polytechnic dropout with no prior internet knowledge can be successful today through this programme, then, you can too.

 Okay, Let’s say you are not able to make Up to N350k for now,

Assuming you are only able to make N175,000 monthly income through this system.

 That is N2.1m in the next 1 year

Which is even too low compares to what this system is fetching the current beneficiaries. 

An additional of N2.1m to your current income can achieve a lot of things like…

Starting a new Business, Getting a nice car, Traveling to your Favourite Country Buying land…e.t.c

Like I have said earlier, Info2wealth is a 5 Module step-by-step Video training which walks you through how to start making seriously cool cash by selling information product online from your comfort zone.


Let Me Quickly Walk You Through What You Will Be
Getting From Each Module (Watch the Video Below)

Exclusive Bonus Offer

In order to make this a No Excuse offer, 

I am giving something tangible to anyone who acts during this promo,

actually, what I am about to offer is so serious that it could get you on your feet to start making your first income in as fast as 5Days.

Special Crazy Bonus Offer:

 Over 40 No-Fail Short Reports that You Can Edit, Turn to Your
Own, Sell for Any Amount & Keep 100% Profit 
+  Access to Everything I Used 
in One of my Most Successful Campaign that Generated N1.8m in 30Days 

Remember the campaign that generated N1.8m for me in 30days? which I shared with you above,  I will give you everything I used in the campaign

( You will be getting the report itself and all the pages I used to sell it ) and you can use them for anything you like. 

But if you decide to sell it, I will advise that you edit the content.

Not Only this...

I will also be adding over 40 Additional Reports that you can edit anytime you like make it your own and sell it at any price you like while you keep 100% of the Profit.

This is like me Creating a full system for you ready to be deployed.

On a normal day, If you would Hire me to create a complete campaign for you ( to create Report on any topic and all the pages to sell it), I would rather make it and sell by myself to make cool cash.

But If by chance I will be creating the time to do it for you… It will cost N200,000 

VALUE N200, 000

Special Crazy Bonus Offer 2:

Whatsapp Consultation

 Access to My Private Whatsap Number for Consultation (for 60days)

When you place your order for Info2wealth Training today, you will be having access to my Personal WhatsApp Number (Not that of my support)

So that for the next 60 days, you can consult me and share anything with me on the area you need assistance.

VALUE 15,500

Note: You will only get this last two offer If you Enrol for
Info2wealth Training Programme before the current Lunching
Discount ends...

So, Here are What You'll be Getting When You Order for Info2wealth Training Programme During This Discount

  • Income to Wealth Automated MasterclassSocialtizing Training  
  • Shortcut to Making a Website in 1 Hour Training    
  • My Webpage Builder Software + Over 100 Ready Made Templates + Video Tutorial on how to use them All.                    
  • Access to My Private Facebook Private Mentorship Community          
  • SPECIAL OFFER: Over 40 No-Fail Reports that you can Edit, Turn to your own and Sell for any Amount with 100% profit to be yours   +  The Exact files I used in the Campaign that generated N1.8m in 30days for me 
  • SPECIAL OFFER: Access to My Private Whatsap Number for Consultation (for 60days) 

 All for... 

Regular Fee:  N45,500 Naira

Lunching Discount Price:  N14,950


Come to think of it…

If you sell any of this product for N4,500 (which is the least you should sell any product) and you are able to sell 5 per day, that’s N675,000  in the next 30 days…

or less say you are not able to sell 5 but 3 per day, that’s still N405,000 in next 30 days.

Or maybe you are busy with other things, and you are only able to sell 2per day, that’s still N270,000 in next 30 days. 

Which company is ready to pay you any of these?

And the good thing is that… within your first 2days of sales, you’ll get your N15,000 investment back and even more.

And from then on, everything else is 100% profit.


...Only One thing is Left

Now you already know that the Info2wealth Coaching programme will upgrade you, take you out of the financial mess and turn you to a better person.

All You Need Right Now is to Invest a token to get started.

You are just an excuse away from achieving this

You need to fight every excuse why you can't achieve this success and focus on why you must.

Remember the major factor that has been keeping people in thesame spot is in life?...Excuses

I had to share the above quote with you because I know STARTING is the major problem while many people have remained in the same spot in life.

Some people have seen many opportunities like this that could make them great, but, they never take action until this opportunity pass them bye.

Sometimes ago, I wasn’t like this.

But, I refused to let my environment limit me.

My thinking ability was far beyond my then environment because I believe where I was living and how I was living that time is different from where I should be.

And when the opportunity of this Business Model came my way, I was determined to get things done and be great even though I will be hungry for days…

The Training programme costed about N43,000 ($120) which was equivalent to all the cash I had on me then (N45,000).

God so good, within the first 30days, I was a different person earning at least what I have never earn per month.

And today, I can’t even calculate my achievement with this Business Model.

  Even If all you can Learn from the Info2Wealth Training is how to Use Facebook to Advertise and Attract Buying Customers to any Business…This skill alone can take you out of poverty for life.

Or If one Skill you can learn from this Info2Wealth Training is how to Design a good website for Businesses… You are made for life

So, If you Desire to be great in life, nothing should LIMIT you…but first, you need to BEWARE of Negative MINDSET (the greatest enemy).

Always set your mindset to positive, If you can do this, things will be better for you in no time.

Below, you will find details on how you can order and start the training immediately.


Ordering Instructions

Option 1 - Pay Through Paystack

This Option is the FASTEST because it Gives you INSTANCE ACCESS to the Info2wealth Training programme and All the Bonuses even at Midnight...

All you need is an ATM card (Visa, Mastercard or Verve) and you will be able to pay through Paystack, the most popular Online payment processing company in Africa.

Click HERE OR Click on the red button below and you will be taken to a Paystack Secure page where you can buy through your ATM CARD.

If your card details are correct and you have enough money in your bank account, you will be charged thesame amount and after the payment, you will be redirected to the Download Page where you can INSTANTLY Get the Training and all the Bonuses. A copy will also be sent to your Email


If you Don't Have ATM Card, Paystack Also Allow You To Pay With Bank Account (Not All Bank);

You will be able to Pay Directly Through Your Bank Account Using The Registered Phone No...

If You Want To Use this Payment Option, After you click the red button above or below, Fill your details, Click 'Make Payment' and Simply Select 'Bank',

IF YOUR BANK IS ON THE LIST OF BANK THAT ACCEPTS THIS METHOD, You will be asked for your Account Number. Once the Payment is successful,

you'll be automatically redirected to where you can INSTANTLY Get the Training and all the Bonuses.


Option 2 - Pay Through Bank Transfer

This method can also be used at any time even at midnight...
Pay through Mobile Transfer, Cash Deposit, ATM Transfer, Internet Banking, Paga,
Quick Teller or any other means of Fund Transfer into:


Account Name - VONI MULTI-MEDIA (Current)
Account Number - 0775272918

NOTE: After the payment, SMS the following to 08022826561

- Info2wealth
- Your Account Name (or Depositor's Name If you use Cash Deposit)
- Your email address

Once your payment is confirmed, you will get a message from my support on how to Access the Training


Note:  If you have any Issue with Ordering, Call my support on:   +2348022826561 

I wish you success in life


Quazeem Amuda

7 Figure Internet Marketer

C.E.O Voni Multi-Media



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