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Are you a Student or Graduate or a Working Class Looking to Make N10,000 to N30,000 Everyday while others sleep?

...Learning how to sell Free Quality Ebooks gotten
online on Facebook and Instagram is your best bet.

By Quazeem Amuda, |  Business and Entreprenuership| March 12, 2020

The thing is, You don’t write this books, People have already written them for you, Your part is just to find high quality free Version of this e-Books online that has Free Resale Rights and sell them to people who needs them to solve a specific problem, they pay you and you make your cool Pay.

I have been doing this for years, and till date it is still my easiest and most laziest way of making a Living.

Listen and Listen very Carefully, This is probably the most straightforward and untapped method to make something online this 2020… Why do I call it untapped? Because  they’re less than 10 people including myself doing this in the whole of Nigeria.

I promise myself that I will use the half of this year to teach people few ways I make a living online and still have time for other things like Going to Movies every weekends or weekdays, Going for site seeing with my family, Having numerous trips to different states in Nigeria and buying the latest gadgets…   Listen Carefully.. This method I am about to introduce to you or show you how it works does not require huge capital to start but needs you to have at least N20,000 to get adequate training and to start your first marketing system online.

The method is meant specifically for those who...…

  • Want to make something online
  • Have never made a dime online
  • Have been scammed numerous Times online without getting anything in return
  • Have gotten numerous materials that they didn’t end up understanding hence abandoning the materials
  • Those who have never done online business before and are willing to start
  • Are comfortable with monthly income of N200,000 per month with this method ( although you can make more with time)

How this Method of selling Ebook Works

Basically what we are going to do here is to get Free Ebooks on the internet with  Resale Rights that people are looking for but too lazy to get themselves. 
Advertise these guides using Social media ( I will show you how to get the specific people who despitrately needs the books on social media), once they get your advert, they develop interest and then  they pay us and we keep repeating the process.

For Example,

People are Looking for information on...

- How to Loose Weight 

-  How to grow your business on Facebook or Instagram

- How to Cure High Blood Presure  Using  Local Ingridients

- How to Travel to US/Canada without paying any Agent (many people need this)

- Step-by-Step Guide to Make Different Nigerian Foods and Soups

- How to design a stunning business website in 60 minutes or less using free softwares

- How to make money betting on sports

 ... and many more

What we now do is, get for Free quality  eBook on the internet through the platform I listed in the tutorial you will be getting,

Advertise this Ebook on Facebook targeting the exact people who are interested in the topic and allow those who need it to start contacting you to make payment.

It is that simple…

I have made a Step-by-Step Video Tutorial on...


Here's What You will Learn from this Course: 

  • How to You can get over 50 Free ebook with resell right and to sell and make cash online.
  • How to locate and targeted people who need the solution in your ebook and are already waiting to pay for it.
  • How to Target the right people to sell the Ebooks to.
  • The easiest platform to sell these books to make more sales than you expected
  • How To setup your marketing Environment.
  • How you can get other ebooks with Free resell right
  • How to to avoid problems while searching for ebooks to sell.


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                                    *Results will vary based on how long and how closely you follow the information presented,
                                                                                    as well as other individual ability to learn and inplement and other factors.

Quazeem Amuda, CMT holds a B.S. degree in Digital Communication  and an A.S. Certificate as an Online Coach. He is a long time resident of Lagos Nigeria but has helped thousands of people all over the world with digital information and products. It is Quazeem's mission to educate and empower people to make a good living.

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It all depends on individual ability to learn, assimilate and inplement what he/she has learnt.


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