Open Letter to Everyone Who Wants to Clean Their Home More Effectively...With the New Invented Device


The Device that Saved Many Nigerian
Homes from House Help Problem...

My name is Mrs Kate, I am a civil servant married with 3 children. Here is my little story which I think will safe other house people from experiencing what I went through.

I got married since 8 years ago but this time, I have not been employed into the Federal Civil Service. After my wedding, I enjoyed my home this is because I had more time for myself and my family. I was able to do the necessary things at the right time.

As the matter of fact, it does not take me time to perform necessary house chores as at when due. Most especially when we were still in the 3 bedroom apartment, the only thing that gives me more concern is mobbing of tiles and washing of clothes.

It is not EASY as a Woman...

Not long, I got a job at the Federal Civil Service Commission. This time, it was getting tougher to perform house chores as I have to wake up as early as possible to get to prepare for the children and prepare for work.

When I called the attention of my husband to this, he was worried so he brought the Idea of taking a house help who will start helping me with some of the house chores.

After some months and so much consultation, My sister ( Aunty Josephine) finally helped us to get one. It was such a relief to me as I now have someone to help me with most things in the house.

She was able to work with me for over 6months. During this time, the major thing I enjoy is the fact that she is the one who cleans the house every day. From the Seating room to the Toilet and Kitchen.

When The Problem Started...

After six months since the house help started working with us, I got my work leave, this allows me to have more time to watch over my home. And during this time, what I discover will amaze you... I was able to find out that Fausat has been drugging my children to sleep anytime I am off to work.

I got frustrated.
I was shocked!

Then I knew what I have caused myself by taking a 'Third Party' to look over my home and my children.

After I sent Fausat the House help away from my home, I went back to the way I do my house chores, I began cleaning my home at the appropriate time and do every other thing. But things were not so easy. Although I didn't have an option.

How I Got a Permanent Solution
to my House Chores Problem

The solution began when I inform a friend ( Lola) about the stress I have been passing through ever since the time I sent Fausat away from my home.  When I explained this, Lola Laughed and she introduced me to a new invented permanent solution to house cleaning problems.

Are you a House Wife, A Caring Husband or a Busy Bachelor?

The major stress experience in a home is washing of clothes and Scrubbing of Seating room, Toilet and kitchen. But ever since the invention of the washing machine, cloth washing has been made easy as most homes do no longer use their hand to wash their clothes. This has been a great relief, safe people alot of time and drycleaning problems...

And now...



Cordless Rechargeable Power Scrubber With
Sparkling Magic Results!

The Newly Invented Electronics MAGIC Device that will help you
clean your Tiles, Toilet and Kitchen without scrubbing Energy.


What is Hurricane Magic Scrubber?

Hurricane Magic Scrubber is a newly invented device that helps solve the problem of cleaning in homes. One of the key feature of this device is that it comes with different brushes to clean diffferent surface of the home such as Kitchen Zinc, Bathroom & toilet tiles, Water Closet, Wall tiles... etc.

This divice was first discover in the United State where many housewifes use it as a daily solution to Scrubbing and mobbing problem And in September 2018, this product surface in most African countries now solving cleaning problems for many homes. Unlike before, when cleaning and scrubbing of homes were problems, the newly invented Magic scrubber has now made things easy.

Here Are the Features of the Magic Device:

  • Cleans Automatically by Placing it on any Surface.
  • Rechargeable, comes with a Charger and Last for Over 12 hours after Charged
  • Comes with 3 Different Brush for Different Types of Surfaces
  • Perfect for both Indoor & Outdoor Cleaning.
  • Clean your RUGs faster and easier

How Does it Work?

This Magic scrubber is easy to use for both adult and children... Watch this Video to see how it works


The Normal Price for this Device is N30,000

But you can take advantage of our current promo  to get it for as low as N18,500 
If you order within the next 24 hours after which the price goes back to N30,000


Get the Magic Rechargeable Scrubbing Device at Our Current Promo Price of
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What you'll Get when You Place your order today
for the Magic Scrubbing Device

When you place your order today for this magic scrubbing device, you'll get the following...

  • You will get the extension pole which allows you to extend your cleaning to the places your hand will not reach normally such as wall tiles
  • You will get the Round brush to clean irregular areas such as washing hand basin and the kitchen sink
  • You will get the corner brush which helps to clean corner areas such as door, window or wall corner
  • You'll get the Wide Flat Brush which is meant for wide areas like Floor and wall


Life Management for Busy women is a book by the World Women councillor Elizabeth George. This book is a life practical for women who want to manage their home as well as their career or work successfully.

The book teaches how you can combine your job and your home management together as a woman without lagging behind in any of them. Many women who have read this book are testifying that they are now the master controller of their time, job and home altogether.

We sell this book for 2,800 ( see screenshot above) but for the next 24Hours, once you order the Magic Scrubbing and cleaning Device, you'll be getting it Directly in your email as a FREE Bonus as soon as we deliver the Magic Scrubber.

This means if you will be getting it elsewhere, you will be paying N32,800 to get everything.

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18,500 Today Only



Delivery is within 3 to 5 working days...



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will require a deposit of N2,000 before delivery is made and the balance on delivery.




Send Us your Details by TEXT to +2348169902622

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=>Magic Scrubber
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=> 2 Phone Numbers
=> Email Address

Note: Delivery is within 24 to 48 hours


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