May 13, 2021

NEW: The Secret Weapon You Need to Get Consistent Sales and Customers for Your Business

 Dear Reader,

If you really desire an accelerated movement in your business, you should
take your time to read this article.  Although it may take you  5 minute,
but after you read back-to-back, your business will experience a change.
You will no longer do things the way you used to, you will no longer get
your current number of daily and monthly sales, your business will
experience a turnaround, not drastically but speedily.

In today’s world, Getting a Consistent sales and customer for your business
is simple if you are  able to do the following things;

(1) Know where to find a huge number of potential customers
(2) Determine how you can attract them to your business

To achieve these two things, all you need are tools and strategies that smart
people are using to attract million worth of sales to their business very quickly.

It is quite unfortunate that most business owners today do not know these
strategies talkless of putting them to use.    Which is the major reason why
many people struggle to get sales and customers for their products and

Within some minutes, I will be revealing such tool to you
The weapon I will be revealing to you shortly is what
I have used over and over again, and it never stops working. Before I reveal
this weapon,  let me quickly tell you a story.


Sometimes in 2017, one of my boys got frustrated with a toothache,
he complains every time, So I told a friend who introduced me to a
teeth product made by a Benin Man.

I got this product for the boy, he started using it and after he had tried it for
some days, he was very thankful, this is because he can now eat and do
any other things with his teeth.

He told me he couldn’t feel any pain again.

Fast forward to 3 months, the regular monthly toothache he normally
has is was nowhere to be found.

When he told me how wonderful the product was, I was like wow!

So, I Quickly calculated that teeth problems are common issues people
always have.
I know many people are desperately in need of a solution
to this problem.

So, I went back to my friend who introduced me to the product, this time,
I was ready to meet the  “Benin Man”.

To cut the long story short, I got him at his resident in Benin.

He markets his teeth product through the following means;

(1)  Puting the Product in the supermarkets around him
(2)  Giving herbal sellers to market with their product

To my surprise, such wonderful product only gets 10 to 15 sales monthly.
Basically, he has an awesome product but he was struggling to sell it.

I negotiated with him and he agreed to sell for each for 800 for bulk instead
of the normal N1,000.

I Finally got 800 pieces for (N640,000).
After getting the product from him, I then Proceed to use the SECRETE
I am about to tell you to get customers for the product.

Within 6days, I sold the 800 pieces…
Yes, you heard me right, I sold all within 6 days…

and not even for the normal N1,000…I sold them for 3,500 each.
Which was 2.8million, a profit of 2,160,000?

I went back to the Benin man to get more of the product, but unfortunately,
he couldn’t produce more than 320 pieces because he could not be that fast.

I already knew this will happen, I didn’t border myself.  I just got the 320
pieces left with him and leave.

The Truth is…

I was able to get fast cash of 2.2million from the same product he has been
struggling to sell for over 1year and I made this within 6days.

If the Benin Man knows how to use the weapon I used to sell his product,
he would have become a multi-millionaire since he has been
producing his teeth product.

This is the weapon…

Wait, calm down, …before I tell you the weapon,
This also goes to most business. One of the major reason why small and
Medium business keeps struggling in Nigeria is that the owners
do not figure out how and where to get their “starving audience”
before starting their business.

Your starving audience are people who are desperately in need of your
product or service.
They are potential buyers.

Think about this…

If you are in a desert for 5 days, where there is no food or drink, all you
have with you is  money, and you are desperately in need  of food or
maybe just water in order to stay alive, and after the 6th day of hunger
& thirst, you come across someone who has food and requested that you
give some money to get  the food & water, Am sure you will not think twice
before bringing out the money from your pocket.

This is exactly what we are talking about when it comes to a starving audience.
There are some people out there who need your product so badly, all you need to
do is to find them, once you are able to locate them, making money
becomes nothing to you.

Do you know the number one mistake business owner make?

It is…

Not getting their Starving Audience before starting a business.
But, thanks to this weapon I will be revealed now…
you can now find and get your customers both from near and far!

So What is this Weapon?

It is FACEBOOK AD Campaign…

You need to get something right…

Facebook campaign is far different from posting spams on people’s
platforms. Doing this will only end up devaluing your brand,
products and personality.
You may even end up not making any sales.

It is also far beyond bosting a post ( this will only suck your money
by giving you more reach)

SO WHAT IS Facebook Ad Campaign?
According to the recent report, more people use Facebook in Nigeria
than anywhere else in Africa.
( Over 26Million Nigerians are currently on Facebook)

Think about this…

If only 500 thousand out of the total population of 26million Nigerians on
Facebook patronize and buy your product,  how rich would you have been?
( Even though the product is sold for 3,000)

The Good news is this, Anyone can use Facebook Ad Campaign to promote
their product and
business for as little as $5 (1,500) a day and get 15X any amount you spent
as a profit.  (this is called Return on Investment or ROI)

What I am revealing to you right now is the secret to some people’s wealth,
which they will never tell you.

Facebook Ad Campaign is the best online platform I know that allows small
and medium business owners to make FAST sales, that allow you to get your
product across to people who are Desperately in need of it in any location.

For example, If you sell new baby products, with Facebook Ad Campaign,
you can target pregnant people both within your area or far away.
(Looks like magic right?)

Not only that…

Facebook Ad Campaign also work for:

Businesses that sell products (Such as Cloth, Soap,  perfumes, etc)

and businesses like;

Network marketing businesses

– Businesses that sell digital products (Ebooks, software, reports, video)

– Businesses that offer services (E.g. Training and Seminars, Health etc)

– Real Estate Agents or Marketers

– Local Businesses (restaurants, gyms, spa etc)

–  Advertising company

–  Engineering  and Contractors

And loads of other businesses…

All that matters is to use the FB AD Campaign to get the MOST interested people
to your business ( of any kind)

I have used Facebook Ad Campaign for a client who operates a Mechanic
Workshop in Lagos Island. I used this weapon to increase their sale to over
5X and in the end,  I had to stop the campaign because the workshop could
no longer handle the number of customers they were getting within their
area daily.

If this can work for a mechanic workshop, it simply works for any business.
I spend over N400,000 on Facebook Ad Campaign Monthly because it
works like crazy.

Truth is…

your business will continue to struggle until you have a way to get consistent
sales and customers which is what Facebook can do for you.

But Just like other weapons, Facebook Ad Campaign also need you to have a
proper knowledge and training on how to use it in order for you to get the
best result.
If you do not have a proper knowledge of how to use the platform,
you may end up wasting more and more money and think this business
weapon does not work.

Some have been using  Facebook Ad campaign for years, they have not been
making enough with the platform like they should.

This is because they do not have proper knowledge on how to use it effectively.

For you to conclude that your campaign is successful, it must give you at
least 5X ROI  ( Return on Investment)

If would like to get Instant Access to a Training that shows you a
proven system to use Facebook Ad Campaign for any Kind of Business,
You should below to get access Now.

I wish you success in your business

Quazeem Amuda
(Jnl, CCRM)
Pro Digital Marketer

































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