The Hidden Formula You Need to Earn Up
to $500 (N180,000)
Monthly Income Using FACEBOOK

The Same Method That Exposed Me to the WEALTH on Social Media




Dear Reader,

If you have been thinking of what business you can do to make a lot of money online, then I will tell you to take your seat, get a pop corn, relax your self and read this letter from beginning to the end.

Sometimes ago, I was also like you. I found a piece like this on facebook written by a mentor, I was luck enough to read through, this piece CHANGED MY LIFE TODAY.

I count myself lucky that time because I was not the only one on Facebook at that time and I was not also the only one who actually got the content...But I was lucky because I read it and started taking Action Immediately. 


Have you ever ask yourself why some people remain in the 'poverty' status despite the fact that they work very hard? And why some other people keep swimming in money even when they work so little?

If you have ever ask yourself this question or not, this writeup will provide an answer to the reason why people are poor...WHAT YOU SHOULD DO be patient and read through.   I mean you should read Back-to-Back!

Sometimes, it's not all about hustling, we might just need to give our brain some task like how 1+1 become 11 to some people while the equation keeps giving  2 to Others.

According to worldbank statistics,over 100million Nigerians which amount to 60.9% are currently living in 'Absolute Poverty'.

World Bank dicribed this as 'Absolute Poverty' because this amount of people are living below 1 dollar (365 Naira) per day.

The current population and recent technological development in Nigeria have paved way for many people to change their personal financial status, although not up to 6% has taken advantage of this.

Do you know the 360 Naira per day mentioned above is like gold to some Nigerians while 40,000 Naira per day is also like change to some?

Currently, you may be living above $1 a day, Maybe even above $10 a day,  this means you are not in absolute poverty, Good! 

But, Are you okay with your current financial status? 
If your answer to this question is NO, then you need to Seat Back and ask yourself this Question...


Why Do Poor People Remain Poor?


Have you noticed that only small percentage of people in poverty manage to get their way up?  this is because only little percentage are able to figure out the problem and become uncomfortable with their 'poor' status.

Poverty is just a status which can be changed. But before solutions, let's identify the problem.

These are reasons why some people who were born into
a Poor Background 
HARDLY get their way UP

    Some people have been going around Poverty because they do not have access to some information that can change their Financial Status.  What I mean by information here could be a hint from a friend or colleague, a video, Financial tutorial or mentorship or an online Financial Content like this one.
    If you ask some people here, they've had different opportunities to become rich, but they have a DECISION PROBLEM.
    They don't want to risk anything, they believe every information that has to do with money is fake and never works. 

    LET ME TELL YOU THIS; The best anyone can do ( Even a friend) is it to share knowledge with you on how they achieved a particular level and position, No One Can Force you to take action.
    Mahatma Gandhi said; "A man is but the product of his thoughts, What he Think, he becomes"
    This is actually one of my favourite quotes.  To some people, it is always 'NA LIE'. Poor people are the most negative people, this has really made it difficult for them to grow from their poor financial status. 

    Sometimes, Poor people have access to more financial information like this, that should have turned their life around but to make effective use of them becomes a serious problem.



Incase this is your first of coming accross my write up online, I am Quazeem Amuda.

After being a blogger for about 4 years, in 2014, I quit being a blogger because I was not able to make enough profit online.

Although I knew there were lots of GOLD online, but how to get it become a serious problem for me.  

As time goes by, I kept on searching for something better online until one Faithful day, when I ran into a Financial Blueprint written by one of my online mentor, I was so eager to read from cover to cover. THIS INFORMATION WAS A GOLDMINE...

As at the time I found this Blueprint, Believe it or not, I was living on less than 300 Naira or less daily, Which simply mean I even couldn't even afford N10,000 as a monthly income. 

Let me be frank with you,  I was living in absolute poverty. I lived in a house of 6 rooms by the left, 6 others by the right (what is being reffered to as a Face me I face you)  a house of twelve tenant with 2 public toilets.

Thanks to all the Motivational Books I exposed myself to,  books from the likes of Robert Kiyosaki, David Oyedepo, Brian Trace and Sam Adeyemi, they improved my belive and trust that my current situation does not determine my Future.  

So, My self confidence improves day-by-day and MY MINDSET was never limited to my situation. I was able to Push negativity out of my way and TAKE ACTION on every formulas I was exposed to by the Financial BluePrint I got that day.


This is because I now become an online business guru.
My Office is the Internet.

NOT ONLY THAT,  my first Income was mind blowing and I couldn't believe my eyes, Maybe because I have not been seeing that kind of money.   As the matter of Fact, As at 8 years ago, If someone tells me I can make a Six figure online on a monthly basis, I will simply deny.        Same as some people till now,  They do not believe there is any kind of LEGAL work anyone could actually do to earn a 6 figure amount monthly...when I say 6 Figure, I mean anything from N200,000 and above.

Today,  I make so much on the internet that I also pay awesome salaries on a monthly basis.

Since I started Online Business, I gained my Financial Freedom and I am able to do the Following...

  • Go wherever I want, Whenever I want to.
  • Able to Work anywhere I am at any time.
  • I am Able to Afford anything I want.
  • I now Spend more quality time with Family and Friends.
  • And I Enjoy Vacations to my favourite Places whenever I decide to have a rest.

This formula that has changed my life and more secrets that I have discovered after I read and keep practicing the guidelines I got from the Blueprint is what I have also shared with some friends who have used it to add up to N100,000 to 200,000 to their monthly income.

Most of them have been grateful, they keep showing their appreciation through messages and calls
[ I will show you their Testimonies below].

The Truth is that I was only happy they took the advantage of it.

And since this time, I have thought over 170 people from different State accross Nigeria. Many of them are now Big to a certain level you can call them an Internetprenur today.  Because they live in their own home and ride the car they love.



Introducing ...

Online Short Report Cash System


    This Training is a guaranteed way for an ordinary Facebook user to start doing business and earning an income through their facebook account.

If you have Social Media account, you post updates on your facebook wall, you like friends' comments and use the share button and you have never for gotten 1Naira online before... That must stop now!

This BLUEPRINT Manual will expose you to How to Make Legal Gold on Social Media by Selling "Short Reports".

It will show you how different people have used Social Media to upgrade their lifestyle by selling Short Reports that provide solution and how you too can take maximum advantage of this system to increase your monthly income.

But Let Me WARN You!

This is not in any way related to MLM or any other Ponzi Scheme. 

It is not also in anyway related to a Networking Business of Bring 20 people & get upgraded kind of programme 
This Programme will strictly expose you to the business aspect of Internet.

How you can generate mothly income from some Social Media Users including Facebook, Instagram e.t.c

Every Guideline shown in the report are LEGAL ways that anyone who knows the system can use to make more money
to their Private and Legal Bank Account without any problem.




The "Online Short Report Cash System" is not for someone who is completely strange to the internet and does not know what Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or whatsapp is, rather, the report is for..

  • Someone who already have at least a facebook profile (Or who is ready to create one)
  • Someone who need an Income through Online Business
  • Someone who spend at least 5 hours weekly on the Internet and want to maximize this time to
    upgrade their financial status.

  • Someone who is ready to take advantage of the Internet to Upgrade their Financial Status

DO YOU KNOW SOME NIGERIANS MAKE AS MUCH AS 5million Monthly From Internet?


Some years ago, even as I was searching for a better life, I used to hear of some top internet entrepreneurs like...

Bamidele Onibalusi

Uche Pedro

Seun Osewa

And many more Nigerians who are making over N3m to N5m monthly on the Internet.

As at that time, 1 Million Naira was a big amount of money to me which I did not believe anyone can achieve on a monthly basis most especially from the internet.

Fastwords to some years later, when I was able to cross the bridge of N1m per month, I found out that this amount is atually little compares to what some people are making on the internet monthly.

Just recently, I still used this Business model to create a Revenue of over N1.8m within 30days.

What you can see above is Screenshot proof of the Online product Campaign that I ran for 30days and at the end of the days was able to generate over N1.8m in revenue.

And below, I have made a 2minute Short Video LIVE PROOF of the evidence of different people's  payment from the campaign that generated N1.8million and others that has brought in serious income for me too.

Although, at start, you may not be able to make up to N1m per month but after everything I will be showing you on this page, you should be able to make at least N200k to N300k per month.

If you are serious with it and you take action




A recent report shows that out of the 95million total Nigerian population on the internet, ONLY 2% are taking advantage of the online opportunity to make money for a living.

This simply shows that the remaining 89 percent of the total Nigerian population online are not exposed to different opportunities on the internet. This may be due to lack of adequate information about these opportunities

The time wasted on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by some people daily is too much to make enough income for themself, only that they do not know how to do this.

By the time you are through with "Online Short Report Cash System"  Training , you will stop contributing to Mrk Zuckerberg's (owner of facebook and instagram) wealth alone; you will also start making a living through your Facebook and Instagram platforms.


How Are People Making Money Online?

Apart from the people I mentioned above, I know you have heard many times that people are making good amount of money on the Internet or you may know some other people whose internet is their 'Office'

And you may keep Asking yourself how are people Making Money Off the Internet?



  • Selling Physical Products and Delivering
  • Selling Affiliate Products
  • Consulting or Freelancing
  • Selling Digital Products ( E.g Short Report, Online Training Etc)

So, What Is a 'Short Report'?

Short report is a Digital Book that containing INFORMATION on how people can achieve certain results or How to Find Solution to a Certain problem. 

For Example: Let’s say you have an Information on how to get a USA visa approved and become a Permanent Resident in USA.

You know a lot of people are interested in this.

Also many people have tried applying with plenty of rejection, while some has spent alot of money with all these traveling agent without any serious result.

You can either write a short report on this or get it done for you via the platform I will be showing you in the ONLINE SHORT REPORT CASH SYSTEM, the short should teach them how to achieve it without getting rejected and without paying thousands of money to any Agent... For Sure, Most of them will be Glad to buy.

Here are Some Interesting Topics You Can Sell Your Short Report On...

-  How to Register Your Business with CAC in Less than 1Week

-  How to Woo A girl and Make Her Fall in Love With You 

-   How to Travel, Live and Work in Canada

-   How to Last Longer in Bed  ( this is a hot topic for married men)

-   Guide to meet your Life Partner and Get Him to Marry ( for Single and Searching Ladies)

... and many more. It Sounds Easy Right?

Trust me, it didn't just sound easy, it is actually easy to do

But, just like any other business, sometimes, if you don't have anyone to show you the right path to follow, you may just need to pass through many tries and errors many times before getting your way to success.

When I Started, It took me over 1 and Half year to get things right.

And this is because I didn’t have someone to hold me by hand and show me the right steps to take.

I went through different Trials and Errors, Infact, I was almost at the point of giving up before I was able to crack the code.

And that is why I have created this Training Called "ONLINE SHORT REPORT CASH SYSTEM"


The goal of this programme is to take you from being a beginner to a Pro who can boast of N100k, N200k, N300k or even N500k from this Internet Business monthly.

Since the past three months, I have dedicated my time and effort to creating the best internet business training where you get to look over my shoulder as I personally take you through the Step-by-Step process to create a better income-generating business that has been working for me and many others on the internet.

In this training, I boiled down everything I know and all I have been putting into practice that has been working for me in this business over the past 5years.

This simply means you are getting all my years of experience, professionalism, success formulas in a compiled 5 Module Video training.

It is a 5 Module training where I have shown everything that is working for me and I also give a snick peek into my own business to show you how I run my own online business daily so that you will be able to wave all the Tries and Error and Start Making yout Cash Immediately.


LIVE Watch-and-Follow Video Training

Imagine spending some weeks with me to teach you on what I am doing that is working for me and how I am doing it? This is what it is like when you begin this coaching programme with me. I will be there to show you everything I know that has been giving me success, helping me to generate over a million in this business for the past years and how you too can do thesame.

Live Step-by-Step Practical on My Computer

Not only that I will be showing you what works and how you can do it. I will also be opening everything on my computer give a demonstration on how to to do them easily.

So If you like, you can be watching the video and be practising along with me directly.

Access to Every Tools I Use in this Online Business

So that you will continue making a lead in this business, I will be handing over the personal tools that I use in this business to be successful. This means you won't be having any stop over... all you need is to practice.

This Coaching pogramme is Everything you need to Succeed online.

  • The Coaching Programme Will Help You to Take Advantage of
    The Normal Time you spend online to Upgrade Your Financial Status :  
    It Does not matter your field or area of specialty.
    It does not matter your experience,
    The formulas shared in this Coaching Programme is what can be used by ANYONE who uses the normal Social Media profile (e.g Facebook) , the only difference here is that you will stop doing Social Media for fun as you will be exposed to how you can start using social media to generate real income from time to time.
  • You Don't Need to have any Special Skill - No Special skill needed to implement these formulas. Once you have a facebook account, you are good to go.  And one good thing is that ...   It is Beginner Friendly ( Even If you are not conversant with the Internet, What you need to do is to watch me and Follow my steps)
  • You Don't Need to be a Web Expert - Like I said, every Formula that you will be exposed to in this Coaching Programme is what even a layman can do once you have a social media account and you're operating it successfully, then you can do this.
  • YOU DONT NEED TO HAVE ANY BUSINESS CURRENTLY RUNNING ONLINE;  I have gotten series of people asking question like; "Do they need to have a business running online before they can practice this System ABSOLUTILY NO! This Training will expose you to a fresh method of making money online. You do not need to have any business before. All you need is to do three things...


Read the Guideline,  Watch the Coaching Training Videos and Start Copying me by Doing
Exactly what I Do in the Video.
It's that simple 


You see, excuse is ONE thing that has hold most of our development as human.  People always make excuse why It can not be possible or why somethinh may not be succesful even when they have not tried it...

Most often, I receive emails from people and they state many excuses why they may not be able to get this FB Cash Machine Training Pack.  Some make comments like "I would have loved to get this material but, I Don't believe in buying things online anymore, I have paid for some Books in the Past and at last, I didn't get them. This is why I am scared"

Let me state in clear terms that we have made a very strong delivery system for this Blueprint Manual. Immediately after your payment, the report will be delivered to the email provided.

We used the email option so that you can Easily Watch and Go Back to it anytime you want.

Some also make comment like: 

" I would have loved to get this material, I know I need it so much but I do not have enough money because I am not currently working and I have to manage myself."   
There is this quote a mentor told me some years ago and I always put it on my head.

"If you empty your pocket to fill your brain, your brain will fill your pocket over and over again"

If you actually read my story above, you will know that No matter the position or Situation, the best thing I always consider for investment is my brain.

This is because after reading loads of books, I have discovered that this is what most successful people do to attain a certain level in their life and career. For this reason, I never joke with investing in my brain.

If you stay with the little you have and you do not make attempt on adding more, the little will become nothing.

excuses and procrastination are serious enemies of our success, they prevent us from taking necessary actions.  Excuse have killed many dreams and buried many careers. Excuse have stopped many people from making a single decision that would have taken them to a greater height.

 Where Some People Get it Wrong...

 Some people have a bad perception about the Internet, they believe there's no good thing on the internet. They see everything that comes from the Internet as Fraud or Scam.  If you are in this category, you need to change your mind set.  I am a living testimony of the goodness of the internet.  Maybe because I have always trust from unset that the Internet can change my life.

Today, I make so much ONLINE than some managers can be bost of. And the good thing is this, I work wherever I like and at my convinience.  Internet is full of GREAT Opportunities and legal GOLD.

Apart from me, some other Nigerians like Seun Osewa, Bamidele Onibalusi, Uche Pedro and many others are also multi millionaire today owns to the opportunities on the Internet.

NOT EVERY OPPORTUNITIES ARE SCAM...  work on your mindset.
If you really want to move from your current level,  You may need to work greatly on negative mindset. Remember, the major setback that has always make poor people to remain in the poverty category is NEGATIVITY (Na lie).




Most people who have gotten the Online Short Report Cash System Training in the past are now the drivers of their time and finances. Like I mentioned above, these people do not have access to any Promo... They got the Coaching programme for the Original Price and here are what they are saying...


When I got to know about Online Short Report Cash System by Quazeem Amuda, many questions run through my mind like…

Will it worth paying for? Will I be able to Do it?

I am a “Stay at home” mother and I needed something doing. So I took off every excuse and Opted for the programme.

To my greatest surprise, I find the training so simple that anyone can do it.

Within two months,  I made a good amount that I used in investing in one of my dreamed business ( Selling baby products) while my online business still continues… Currently, in my Baby product business, the Social Media Selling strategy in Mr Amuda's Training is helping me because I advertise my product online in a unique way to an interested audience only,  which fast-forward my sales.

The Training programme is recommended for anyone either you want to start making money online or you need a better way to promote your existing business.

Thanks so much, Mr Quazeem Amuda.

Mrs Ann Nze
Online Business owner and C.E.O Babyblue


HOW JUDE MADE N179,000 in First 5 Weeks

 Jude is a polytechnic dropout from Abia, he does not have good knowledge of computer and internet.

According to him, apart from Facebook, he doesn’t do any other thing on the internet.

But within his first 5 weeks, after he Registered for Online Short Report Cash System Programme, he got N157,000 in pure profit… Here is his testimony...

Testimony From PRINCE, UNIBEN Graduate


Prince Finished from UNIBEN and Months After his NYSC, He stumbled upon the Short Report Cash System Coaching Programme and Take Action.  Prince now Make good Cash Online.

An Amount that No 8 to 6 Job Can Fetch Him.   He Posted this from Dubai when he went for Vacation...

Testimony From Ademola

Dorcas Says; this Training is a Life Saver

The Next is Chijioke, a former Primary School Teacher in Anambra State who was earning 40,000 from Teaching Job. Chijioke Got the Facebook Cash Machine Sme months ago and when Chijioke Messaged me on WhatsApp,  he said he could now confidently boast of 400k monthly ( Which is 10X his former salary). Read his Testimony below...




Before I tell you the cost of this Training Programme, I will like you to first think about the number of hours you spend online daily, weekly and monthly. 

Think of what you can actually achieve if you have a business running online.

You see, the internet is another world which is even wider than the one we live in.  This simply means there is more opportunities on the internet.

If you have an online business that can fetch you a side income of maybe just 25,000 weekly,  This will automatically result to
       100,000 in the next 30days.
How much do you think that feeling is worth? 

and This is even the lowest you can get.

Getting such amount from a Business that does not need you to travel miles away from your home.

Pay huge amount for transport,

Pay serious amount of money for Shop Landlord and Seat down from Morning till night..

The Value this Training will add to you is limitless!

If I want to price the Training Programme base on the Value it will add to you. I will go beyond the normal price of 50,000.

But I won't do that because I want more people to benefit from it using this promo offer.

As Bonus to The SHORT REPORT CASH SYSTEM Training,
You'll Also be Getting the Following Crazy Offer If you Act
Fast And Order Today Before This Promo Ends...


Special BONUS 1


Access to my Social Media Advertising
Training titled:  "Socialtizing" 


This Social Media advertising course will teach you how to sell any product using Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms.

It will also expose you to some strategy to use while setting up your Facebook and Instagram Advert that makes you pay cheaper and get X5 of normal Return on Investment.

One of the major factor to get maximum profit with the Online Short Report Cash System and any business at all is ability to run Facebook Advert effectively.

And that is what SOCIALTIZING will be teaching you


VALUE:  15,000 Naira

Normally, this training is sold for N15,000 but if you order for Online Short Report Cash System Training during this promo, you will be getting for free as a Bonus


EXTRAL BONUS Training (2)


Access to my Video Training:
Shortcut to Making a Website in 1 Hour

This is a Video Training that reveals the Easy Shortcut to make a Website in less than 1Hour even If you don't have a knowledge of computer.

This Video training has saved many people from paying the Expensive Fees that Web Design Guys charges to make a business website.

After this training,

You will be able to make your own website and If you like, you can also start making a website for business owners Charging from N35k to N45k… Many people are making cool money from this.


VALUE:  N12,000

Normally, this training is sold for N12,000 but if you order for Online Short Report Cash System during this promo, you will also be getting it for free as part of the Bonuses


Special Done-For-You Bonus Offer (3)


Access the Short Report that Generated me N1.8m and
Everything I used to Sell the Report.


Over 40 Other Ready-Made Short Reports ( with Resell Right) So that You can Pick Anyone, Edit, Turn to Your Own and Sell for Any Amount while you 
Keep 100% Profit

Remember the campaign that generated N1.8m for me in 30days which I shared with you above, I will give you everything I used in the campaign ( You will be getting the report itself and all the pages I used to sell it ) and you can use them for anything you like.

But if you decide to sell it, I will advise that you edit the content.

Not Only this...

I will also be adding over 40 Additional Reports and give you the resell right so that you can edit anyone you like, make it your own and sell it at any price you like while you keep 100% of the Profit.

This is like me Creating a full system for you ready to be deployed.

On a normal day, If you would Hire me to create a complete campaign for you ( to create Report on any topic and help you to go through all the sales process), I would rather make it and sell by myself to make cool cash. But If by chance I will be creating the time to do it for you… It will cost N300,000




Access to the Webpage Builder Software That Makes it Easy to
Create Pages on My Website
Plus A Tutorial on How to Use it

When I started an online business, I thought I needed to hire a web developer each time I need to create any of page on my website.

But I came across something cool... It's was software that can create any of these pages within 15minutes.

The software makes it so easy that even a 15year old child can do it.

So, I will be giving you this software, I will be giving you over 100 Readymade of any of the pages, And I will even be teaching you how to use the software and how to edit the web pages in A Special Video Tutorial.

With the help of this tutorial Video, all you need to do is to watch and follow the steps to create the Pages under 15minutes.


VALUE:  N87,000

Normally, all this worth N87,000 but if you order for Online Short Report Cash System Training during this promo, you will also be getting it for free as part of the Bonuses

Feedback From Dotun


1.  Access to the ONLINE SHORT REPORT CASH SYSTEM Coaching Programme ( The Programme that will teach you the Step-by-step Method to start making Instant Income by Selling Ready Made Short Report Via Social Media).

This Social Media advertising course will teach you how to sell any product using Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms.

Worth:   15,000

2.    Access to my Video Training:  Shortcut to Making a Website in 1 Hour  

This is a Video Training that reveals the Easy Shortcut to make a Website in less than 1Hour even If you don't have a knowledge of computer.
( Worth 12,000)

3.   Access to the Short Report that Generated me N1.8m and Everything I used to Sell the Report.

PLUS +  Over 40 Other Ready-Made Short Reports ( with Resell Right) So that You can Pick Anyone, Edit, Turn to Your Own and Sell for Any Amount while you Keep 100% Profit 


4.   Access to the Webpage Builder Software That Makes it Easy
to Create Pages on My Website Plus  A Video Tutorial on How to Use it

(Worth 87,000)

All the Above Listed Bonuses are Included in the ONLINE
SHORT REPORT CASH SYSTEM Training Pack  Worth... N414,000 

But don't worry, I will not be going by the worth.
So, you'll be having everything for just N29,950

And Further more, I will be Giving Access to 50 Early Birds who
will be getting everything Inside the Training Pack for  a Token price.

Ready to transform your life?

Get Online Short Report Cash System Training

Regular Fee: 29,950 Naira

9,950 Naira

Once This Promo Offer Expires, This TRAINING PACK Goes Back to the
Original Price of N29,950 and all the Bonuses will no longer be free also



I don't want to know how much you are earning from your current Job, but ONE THING IS CERTAIN...

When you get this Training programme and follow the guidelines in,

Your Current Salary Will Become Your Side Income.

I am a living testimony to this, today, the salary I earned at my last Job ( Which I left some years back) is like a peanut compares to what I currently earn online.

That is after I realised that, by spending so much time online weekly, I am actually wasting resources...My Time.

Remember JUDE, the former school teacher who gave his testimony above? 

I told him this same secret and he decided on his own to visit this page even without my knowledge.

In the testimony he shared with me on whatsapp, he said his current job cannot even sustain him again becouse his mouth is now much wider. ( Laughs)

 What People are Saying About this Training Programme on Facebook

Ever since the current promo began some days ago, Many people are
benefit from the promo price Daily on Facebook. Check their reactions


NOTE: The N9,950 Price Slash Offer expires soon (As Stated Above).
Online Short Report Cash System Training will go back to the Original price of N29,950
After the Price Slash Promo expires and the Current Bonuses will no longer be free also.

Yet, I Will Do Something More Crazier


I Will make my support team available to give you the necessary support as you practice the formulas shared in
the Training Programme. This means that my support team will be available to respond to your messages in
case you need help with any of the steps Explained in the Training.




Get 6 Month Access to My Private
Facebook Mentorship Community

Special Support Bonus
If you Order register for Online Short Report Cash System Training within the next 24 hours,  For the 6 Months, you will  Be added as Part of Our Facebook Private Cash Community where you will be able to have a One-on-one Interaction with me and Loads of other members who are already successful in this business...For a complete 6 months, We'll  all be helping you whenever
you need a support.

This Simply means for the six months, you will have me watching over your sholder and make sure you are successful in this online Business.



Normal Value of This is:  N15,000

But if you order within the next 24 hours, you'll not be paying a dime for it.

Now, You Will Have No Excuse

At this 70% Early Bird Discount price above, you cannot say the Training is overpriced.

You cannot say it’s too expensive.

You cannot say Quazeem hates you and do not want you to benefit from this new game changer strategies.

For now, it’s cheap and anyone can afford it.

So there you go.

No excuses!

There is ONLY ONE THING Remaining for You to Do


At this point, you already know that this "ONLINE SHORT REPORT CASH SYSTEM" Coaching Programme will help you to generate reasonable monthly income using your normal available time Online and even with our greatest support to make you actualize the guidelines.

The next thing to do right now is to invest N9,950 (Early Bird Discount Price) to get started.
Remember the Price Slash Offer Expires soon.

Ordering is simple.

Just follow the instruction below.




This Option is the FASTEST because it Gives you INSTANCE ACCESS to the ONLINE SHORT REPORT CASH SYSTEM Training Pack.

All you need is an ATM card (Visa, Mastercard and Verve) and you will be able to pay through Paystack, the most popular payment processing company in Nigeria.

Click HERE or  click on the red button below and you will be taken to a Paystack Secure page where you can buy through your ATM CARD.

If your card details are correct and you have enough money in your bank account, you will be charged the sum of N7,450 and after the payment, you will be redirected to the Download Page where you can INSTANTLY Get the Training Manual and all the Bonuses.

Paystack Now Allow You To Pay Directly Through Your Bank Account Using The Registered Acct No...If You Want To Use this Payment Option, After you click the red button blow, Fill your details,  Click 'Make Payment'  and Simply Select 'Bank', IF YOUR BANK IS ON THE LIST OF BANK THAT ACCEPT THIS METHOD, You will be asked for your account Number.  Once the Payment is successful,  you'll be automatically redirected to where you can INSTANTLY Get the Training and all the Bonuses.

OPTION 2 - PAY VIA BANK Transfer /
Cash Deposit
Use Bank Deposit, POS, Mobile Transfer, ATM Transfer, PAGA, Internet Banking or Any Other Means
Transfer or Deposit N9,950  into:

Account Number - 0775272918

NOTE: After the payment, SMS the following to

- Online Short Report Cash System
- Your Account Name (or Depositor's Name If you use Cash Deposit)
- Your email address

Once your payment is confirmed, you will get a mesage from my support, this message will include the link to the page where you can download the Blueprint Manual.


NOTE:  If you are having issue with ordering, Or you have any issue after payment, 
Please Contact my Support Team on : 08022826561 ( Monday - Friday 9:am - 6pm)

 I wish you success in your Journey to creating a Passive income online.

Your Digital Marketing Consultant.


Can I Pay Despite the Holiday or Weekend?


Yes! You can always Pay through Paystack (Click HERE) or  Pay Via Transfer Options...My Support Team are Always available Even during the holiday including December 25th and January 1st.  You can always reach them through Text Message on 08022826561 Or Email Message.    

How  Do I Register for the ONLINE SHORT

1.  If you pay Online through Paystack Using your ATM Card or Bank Account Number, Once your payment is successful, you will immediately be redirected to the Access Page where you will get access to the Video Traingings and all the Bonuses mentioned Above and all the copies will also be sent to your email so that you can keep downloading.

2.   If you Pay through  Bank Transfer or Cash Deposit, ATM Transfer or any other Means, after your payment is successful, Text your Name, Email and What you Pay for (Online Short Report Cash System) to my Support Team on 08022826561. Once your payment is verified, you will be sent the link to the Training and all the Bonuses while copies will also be sent to your email so that you can keep downloading.



Just like I have said earlier, we have made a very strong delivery system for this Training. Immediately after your payment, the training Videos will be delivered to the email provided.
So, you have nothing to worry about.
In Order to further clear your Doubt, here are some recent testimony from people who have gotten it earlier


How Do I Contact Your Support Team?

You can reach my support team on 08022826561 Call from Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm
Text message is attended to 24/7  even on weekends.

Always Check the Email Address you provided for my Daily Tips (Messages). This will help you alot in moving your Financial Status to the Next Stage. 
The Sender Name is:   Quazeem Amuda


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